Highway Improvement Project TDOT 27/SR 29

Highway Improvement Project TDOT 27/SR 29

The Chattanooga, TN general area has seen considerable population and business growth, and the existing highway system is not conducive to efficient movement of people and goods. The widening of US 27 (State Route 29) to three lanes in each direction begins at Manufacturers Road (Olgiati Bridge over the Tennessee River) and goes 1.62 miles north to SR 8 (Signal Mountain Boulevard). Additional acceleration and deceleration lanes will be added in some areas to improve traffic flow. The completed project will also enhance traffic flow to and from the downtown Chattanooga and Red Bank areas as part of the master plan to reconstruct the US 27 Corridor.


This section of US 27 was first constructed in the 1920s and completed on April 27, 1928.  US 27 is a north-south highway beginning in Fort Wayne, Indiana and ending in Miami, Florida. The Chattanooga segment first appeared as the Dixie Highway in the 1910s as a direct route between Michigan and Florida.

Richard Goettle Inc., asked Con-Tech Systems Ltd. in the late fall of 2011 to bid the permanent strand anchor tiebacks for the retaining wall portion of the project. The project bid consisted of approximately 4,000 tieback anchors and hardware. The CTS estimating team provided a competitive price on quality materials along with a delivery schedule to meet their project needs. Once Goettle was awarded the project in early 2012, CTS was given the authorization to begin   procuring the materials required for this project. The $102 million project includes 6 bridges, 30 retaining walls, and will widen the route from 2 lanes to 3 lanes in each direction over a span of 1.62 miles. It is expected that this project will be completed in October of 2014.


CTS’s Charlotte, NC branch has now constructed approximately 1/3 of the tieback anchors in configurations of 2, 3, 4, and 5 strand anchors, with lengths up to 165 feet. Con-Tech Systems Ltd. would like to sincerely thank Richard Goettle Inc. for awarding CTS this project.


At a Glance:
: TN DOT Contractor: Richard Goettle, Inc.
Project Location: Chattanooga, TN
Project Start Date: May 2012
Project Completion: ongoing, Spring 2012 for anchor production; 2014 anticipated project end

CTS materials used:
• Con-Tech Systems Ltd. DCP strand anchors
• Con-Tech Systems Ltd. Strand hardware