City Point

City Point

Brooklyn, New York, is home to over 2.5 million New Yorkers, being the most heavily populated of the 5 boroughs, and second in population density only to the borough of Manhattan. It’s only natural that many live by the mantra "out with the old, and in with the new." CITY POINT is a premier retail project in the heart of many of Brooklyn’s growing neighborhoods. According to "City Point answers the shopping needs of a diverse group of buyers who have transformed Brooklyn into the new destination for education, culture, dining, and shopping."

Casino Development Group was awarded the project, and hired The Presscrete Company to install the vertical tiedowns for an elaborate raker system and heel blocks for support of excavation. Con-Tech Systems’ IBO® system was chosen for the ease of installation and availability of materials.

Presscrete saw a more than 30% increase over a conventional tiedown installation, saving cost on time and labor. According to Brian Fox, "dealing with the ground conditions in Brooklyn is always unique. The dense ground, mixed with construction debris presents many challenges. The IBO® bar successfully drilled through to the competent bond zones." The project specifications required design loads of 90 – 140 kips and average pile depths of 50 – 60 ft. Successful test loads of up to 180 kips were achieved on site.


CTS would like to thank the longstanding partnership and loyalty of Presscrete and the new working relationship with Casino.

At a Glance:
Contractor: Casino Development Group
Drilling Contractor: The Presscrete Company
Owner: Acadia Realty Trust / Washington Square Partners
Project Location: Brooklyn, New York
Project Start Date: Summer 2012
Project Completion: Phase I complete, Phase II ongoing

CTS materials used:
• CTS/IBO®: 5,000 lf of IBO® 52 and 3,000 lf of IBO® 73 bars & hardware
• Obermann Grouting Systems

Special Thanks to:
Brian Fox of The Presscrete Company
Richard "CW" Ramsburg of Casino Dev. Corporation

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