Strand Anchors

Recognized as one of the strongest, most flexible and most cost effective anchor system in the industry, CTS® strand anchors are in use throughout North America. Our unique encapsulation process ensures that the strands’ bond length is not contaminated with the grease from the free length.

We manufacture our strand anchors in accordance with the Post-Tensioning Institute Recommendations for Prestressed Rock and Soil Anchors. CTS® strand anchors can be supplied as Class 1 or Class 2 Corrosion Protected, depending on your corrosion requirements. We can manufacture strand anchors that comply with the Buy America Act.



Available as wax and grease extruded. Please refer to our Seven Mile Dam  project in which the CTS® Extruded Strand was used.



  • Each order is customized to suit loading and lengths
  • Easy storage and assembly due to coiled reels
  • Easy installation even in tight spaces
  • No coupler splices
  • Guaranteed higher safety factor due to multiple tension elements in each anchor
  • Corrosion protection fabricated in shop, not on job site
  • Anchors can be made re-stressable for testing during service life
  • Anchors can be outfitted with instrumentation for real time monitoring during service life



CTS® strand anchors are typically used for either permanent or temporary tie down and tie back anchors in either rock or solid ground. Examples include hydroelectric dams, wind tower foundations, slope stabilization and excavation shoring.

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