CTS® Hot Rolled Thread Bar Anchors (HRTB) - MADE IN THE USA

CTS® Hot Rolled Thread Bar (HRTB) anchors are available in various grades. They are fully threaded with a coarse thread. The bars conform to ASTM 615 or ASTM 722 depending on their grade. Except for the low grade 75 bars, CTS® Hot Rolled Thread Bars can be used in post-tensioned applications.

CTS® Hot Rolled Thread Bar (HRTB) anchors can be supplied as Class 1 or Class 2 Corrosion Protected, depending on your corrosion requirements.

CTS® Hot Rolled Thread Bars (HRTB) comply with the Buy America Act.


  • Lower grade bars ideal for soil nailing, micro piles and passive anchors, when open holes can be drilled 
  • Mid grade bar ideal for tower bolts
  • Corrosion protection is fabricated and applied in shop, not on job site



CTS® solid bar anchors are typically used with micropiles, soil nails, tie down and tie back anchors in either rock or solid ground. They can also be used in seismic applications and as form ties. Solid bar anchor systems are used for tunnels, transmission lines and antennas, excavation shoring, retaining walls, dam tie-downs and buried structures. They can also be used for turbine tower anchor bolts.

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