Hollow Bar Anchors

CTS®/TITAN IBO® hollow bar anchors are manufactured from high yield micro alloy steel tubing, a patented material supplied exclusively to us by Ischebeck GmbH, a world renowned manufacturer of construction technology systems. CTS®/TITAN IBO® hollow bars are installed using the injection bored method, which involves pumping at pressure a cementious grout while the CTS®/TITAN IBO® hollow bar is drilled into the grout. This method has many geotechnical benefits and it improves a project’s overall efficiency.


  • Uses CTS®/TITAN IBO® hollow bar as drill steel, grouting conduit and steel element of your pile
  • Threads are formed much like the ribs on a reinforcing bar and are fabricated to ASTM A-615 standards
  • The surrounding grout cover acts as corrosion protection
  • Additional methods of corrosion protection can be applied such as metallizing, epoxy coating or galvanizing
  • Continuous threads guarantee the CTS®/TITAN IBO® hollow bar anchor can be cut or coupled anywhere along its length
  • Available in various sizes to accommodate loading requirements



• Fast one-step installation
• Simultaneous drilling and grouting
• Allows the use of smaller equipment at lower cost
• Allows low overhead, limited access installation
• Improves the ground (densification)
• Offers higher skin friction
• Total single corrosion protection by design


CTS®/TITAN IBO® hollow bar anchors are ideal for micropiles, soil nails, and tie down and tie back anchors in difficult ground conditions like weathered and decomposed rock, round gravel, sand and clay soils for either permanent or temporary use.

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