Our Projects

Since 1985, we have been providing geo-support solutions and products to clients and suppliers across North America. In fact, our products anchor some impressive structures such as the Seven Mile Dam in British Columbia, Canada, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and the new World Trade Centre Hub in New York City. We’ve also provided support systems to international airports, state highways, residential and commercial developments and many other projects from New York to Vancouver, and from Quebec to California.

The following list shows a small selection from a multitude of projects completed by Con-Tech Systems over the years:


Seven Mile Dam - Extruded Strand Anchors

Highway Retaining Wall in Alaska - Strand Anchors

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco - Strand Anchors

Pointe du Bois Dam and Powerhouse, Manitoba  - Strand Anchors

Tom Miller Dam - Stitch Anchors and Strand Anchors

New York City Condominiums - Micropiles, Obermann Grouting Equipment

World Trade Centre Hub - Strand Anchors, Solid Bar Anchors

Greenwich Wind Farm - Strand Anchors

Kew Gardens Interchange - Strand Anchors

TDOT Highway Improvement - Strand Anchors, Strand Hardware

City Point - TITAN-IBO system, Obermann Grouting Equipment

Wanapum Dam Repair - Hot Rolled Thread Bar (HRTB) Anchors, Strand Anchors


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