Greenwich Wind Farm

posted...Nov 15, 2011

Con-Tech Systems Ltd. Anchors Greenwich Wind Farm

The Greenwich Wind Farm in Ontario Canada consists of 43 each Siemens 2.3MW-101 wind turbines with nacelles mounted on 80m tall steel tubular towers.  The 8.0 diameter shallow concrete foundations are tied down to competent rock with 16 post-tensioned strand anchors from Con-Tech Systems Ltd., Brockville, Ontario.  Each anchor tendon contains 18 strands for an ultimate capacity of 4691 kN.  The anchors have a bonded length of 5.0m and an unbonded length of 8.0m for an overall anchor length of 13.0m.  Every anchor is field tested and all anchors are re-stressable, so their integrity can be tested during their service life.




Read more here as published in North American Windpower:

* Special thanks to Swan and Associates for the completed wind turbine photo in upper left corner of this page.